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You receive resumes and portfolios for handpicked talent within 48 hours of contacting us. Our distributed network of remote workers allows for immediate access to the best of the best.

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We have direct sales relationships with all our remote workers and agencies. You work directly with the talent we match you with without needing to go through us for payment or contracts. We cut out the middle man!

Our talent network is made up of the top talent from startups across the world. Build your team with a remote workforce and launch your dream product with our help!

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Your first talent search is on us! After that it's just a flat $250 anytime you need us. If we can't find a match for you, it's a no questions asked refund.

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Founder @ NXT-ID

Liam Campbell

"Talent Scout connected us with two of the best designers we've ever worked with. We liked their work so much we came back to them again for our next project which was downloaded 10,000 times on launch day!"

Kim Comeback

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Founder @ Comerstock

"Talent Scout has been instrumental in filling our workforce with high quality remote workers. It takes months to find the right talent and the team at Talent Scout boils it down to a few days for us."

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